Million Vet March on the Memorials ™

Rally Guidelines

Million Veterans March On The Memorials

Disclaimer & Release

While the Brats for Veterans Advocacy Group has helped build community, create discussion and encourage peaceful rallies in regards to honoring our veterans on October 13, 2013, we do not condone, advocate or support the following during the gatherings listed within our Facebook and Web pages:

  • Inappropriate language while attending any and all gatherings
  • Racial comments
  • Political rhetoric veering away from our core message as stated on our website.
  • Disrespecting our National Monuments through defacing, littering, tagging or any other act that leaves them in less than perfect condition.
  • Disrespecting of others
  • Venturing into areas blocked off through barricades
  • The mistreatment of people in authority – including park, city, county, state and DC officers.
  • Disregard for sanitation
  • The threat of harm against public officials or fellow rally attendees.
  • Solicitations for donations
  • Retail sales (including, but not limited to beverages, snacks, branded merchandise, etc)
  • Protest signs that do not convey the core message contained within our pages

Furthermore, while this gathering has been facilitated by the Brats for Veterans Advocacy Group, we do not take responsibility for:

  • Any and all  injuries incurred before, during or after the event in which you attend
  • Any and all lost or stolen personal merchandise
  • Any and all damage to personal belongings before, during or after the event (including automobiles)
  • Any and all actions of those in attendance including, but not limited to lawlessness, riotous behavior, littering, racial comments, the spewing of political rhetoric
  • Any and all actions that might result in incarceration or other acts of force by authorities.
  • Any and all people who decide to disobey posted boundary lines, signs or markers.
  • Any and all behavior from those who in attendance who do not adhere to our core message  of holding non-political, peaceful gatherings
  • Any and all inappropriate protest signs