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Supporters, We Came To You A Week Ago



We came to you a week ago with a pure mission. We opened a Facebook Page and asked you to gather at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC this Sunday to peacefully object to our government closing the monuments to our Veterans.

We have been overwhelmed by your support. Our group – all either military brats, veterans or spouses of veterans – are amazed at how our numbers have climbed daily!

Our simple message – that our National Monuments and parks should always be open for Veterans, regardless of the political climate – resonated and we were encouraged to inspire others to hold gatherings at National Monuments throughout the country.

Unfortunately, an idea that started as an unbiased show of support for Veterans has now turned into something political activists are exploiting.

Building off the success we have obtained through community organization and event support, several political groups are piggy-backing off our momentum and have interjected hatred, racism and even the possibility of violence into our efforts. We have also had extremists post threats on the page.

And while we appreciate these third party sites pointing to our event page, we can’t condone their messages and believe their motives to be out of sync with ours.

We want to make it clear: Any messages you read on any website at other than our own ( or within our Facebook page are not associated with our group or our vision for this event. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING DONATIONS.

In keeping with the peaceful, non-political gatherings we envisioned, we offer the following suggestions:

Attend the rally on the World War II Memorial in Washington DC beginning at 9 a.m. Sunday. But please understand we do not endorse any other message than what we have outlined above and we ask you to keep the safety of yourself and those around you in mind.

Attend a locally organized event by browsing our listings across the country by state.

Organize a rally of your own at a National Monument near you.
o Create a Facebook Event to support it.
o Once you have completed the event, post it on our page and send us the link. We will add it to our list of gatherings across the country at

We refuse to lose sight of what these gatherings are about and appreciate your help and support.

Thank you for your standing up to honor our Veterans.

5 thoughts on “Supporters, We Came To You A Week Ago

  1. How are we to get them to correct the incorrect information on their website? They have listed the website of the gathering place, leaving no one with REAL information, and the wrong time. The person who’s contact information is listed on the gathering website is NOT affiliated with this event (I spoke to him yesterday to let him know about the event). He’s just the administrator, and it’s not fair that people are going to be contacting him about this. There is no contact info on their website. What a crock. These are opportunists just like those who have closed down the memorials. I’ve spent the last 48 hours contacting over 500 groups, plus contacting ALL our Senators, Representatives and Congressmen/women, obtaining the permit, getting volunteers involved, etc.

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