Million Vet March on the Memorials ™

Gathering Statement


Gathering Statement

Regarding Facilities, Weather & Government Reopening

Unless otherwise noted by your individual states’ organizers, it is our intention all gatherings will be held whether rain, shine or the reopening of the Federal Government.

We would like to advise you that while the Federal Government is shut down, the visitor centers for each memorial will more than likely be closed. This means the bathroom facilities and gift shops will not be open.

Since our non-political gatherings are not sponsored, portable bathrooms may not be available. We advise you to find the closest facilities to your gathering place before you arrive. And while water fountains are open-air outside some monuments and memorials, we are unsure of the locations of the fountains for every event and whether they are accessible. Again, it is important to plan accordingly.

Lastly, cleaning crews will not be combing monument grounds before, during or after the gatherings. Please clean up your own garbage and that of any attendees who aren’t as considerate as yourself.   Bring extra trash bags if you’d like.

11 thoughts on “Gathering Statement

  1. See you there and thanks for the tips

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