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Good Morning Fellow Americans


There comes a time in every man and every woman’s life when they must act, to cast their own interests aside for the greater good.  They must stand up and say ‘NO! This behavior is not alright.

We are a group of 5 military brats that decided to take action.  We have been close friends for over a quarter of a century.  We are Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans and Libertarians.  We support and love our Veterans.  We all had someone that was a Veteran in our family.  Some of our families Veterans paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of others.

To deny access to Veterans or ANY American the freedom of access to the memorials so diligently earned is not only distasteful but a slap to every Veteran around the world of any country that fought for their cause of freedom.  These are solemn places of gathering for those who have lived to remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.  This is in no way different than denying a family access to their child’s grave.  The actions by the U.S. government last week were despicable.  The actions cast Veterans as simple pawns in a game of political chess.  We will not stand for it.  This is why we march on Washington DC, across the United States and online on Sunday October 13th; to bring awareness to the plight of every American that wishes to remember the sacrifices so gallantly paid, unrestricted by the games that our government wishes to play.

This is why we are asking all Americans and those that support our causes in all cities across the United States to create individual events and share them with your friends, neighbors, family and fellow citizens.  Share them with us on our page, the Million Vet March Facebook Page.  Please tell us about your event!  Alert your local media, take pictures, take video, audio and share with it the rest of the world.  We will also share it on our Rally page as well.  Remember that this is a grassroots group effort and we, as all Americans, must pitch in.  If you are outside of the United States, you can also create events.  Remember these are peaceful assemblies to show remembrance to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and support those who wish to access these memorials unencumbered at any time.  Wouldn’t it be great if we had millions of Americans going to this memorial this Sunday to support this cause; and it is a cause most noble.  We are also asking that every American that supports this cause, that cannot make it to a memorial due to an infirmity, an illness or family circumstance go online to our Facebook page and share your Veteran’s story during the march.  Our goal is to have more than a million people across the United States, the world and online supporting our cause.

If you are traveling to Washington DC, we ask that you travel with strict regard to your safety.  We are working with several groups to have folks share rides.  And if you are hosting a local event, then please carpool and save fuel.   Remember we are all Americans and we should help one another through this event.

As far as the events, we ask that this not become a political protest.  Whatever your feelings about Congress or the Administration; these events are not the place and time for that.  It is to show up in support and show our government that the American people will not stand for the behavior shown to our American Veterans.  We will have our say in Congress.  We need your support to show our government that we, as Americans, support our Veterans and that we would like a bill introduced and a law passed so that this will never happen again.  If you don’t agree with our positions, then we may not be the group for you.

You can sign our online petition as well.

Our Facebook page is Million Vet March on the Memorials.  Our website address is and our Twitter account is 1MVetMarch.

God Bless America and its Veterans

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3 thoughts on “Good Morning Fellow Americans

  1. This Commander in chief we have in the White House does not know the pain and the suffering that these men and women endure during their combat duty, and to close down their memorial site is a slap in the face of every man and women who serve their Nation. My Grandfather was WWI my father was WW II I also serve my country from 1965 to 1968, what we see is un-American and must stop, this police state that this nation as come to is unconstitutional. May God be with those who can be in D.C. Oct 13 my heart will be with you all for standing for your rights as a vet and American citizens.

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