Million Vet March on the Memorials ™

We’ve added a site!


OK, so we have been working diligently on getting a new site set up that would allows us alternative means of communication should something happen.  More details on the events will be posted from our site at .   Alternatively, you may contact us at  Send us your stories and media there if it is easier for you!

2 thoughts on “We’ve added a site!

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    Here’s the opener. Joined W today for updates and assistance on the million Vet March. Was working with Truckers FoThe Constitution to help assist via internet. Please let me know how I can help! God Bless you all! I have a seventeen year old son who just finished basic training. So all the families, you should know are behind your cause because it is ‘our’ cause as well. Particularly we feel honored to be in the company of yhe greatest prior generation…the WWII veterans and their families. We owe them everything!

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